Son of Bush
The Criminal who stole the Presidency

Illegitimate President

George W. Bush is an illegitimate president. He stole the 2000 election using his brother Jeb to fix the Florida election. And then finally getting the Supreme Court to declare him the winner in an act of supreme treason. Bush is not the President of the United States. And since he seized power and took office - he has done everything in his power to undermine America and sell us out to his small circle of contributors. Bush is a criminal and needs to be stopped.

He's not my president!

Oreo Banner The Bush Presidency is really corporate presidency. America is not the government of the people. It's the government of Enron. It's the government of the oil, tobacco, the credit card companies, polluters, Christian terrorists, gun lobby, the media, and anyone who has the money to buy favors. These people are thieves and we have become the biggest threat to democracy on the planet. The people of America are now slaves to a government with no soul that is owned my multinational corporations - and they are using us to establish world domination.

Bush was at least complicit in World Trade Center attack

The single thing that sticks out in my mind about the World Trade Center attack is the fact that no fighter jets were scrambled to intercept those commercial jets. Those planes were in the air for over an hour after being hijacked - yet no interceptors we scrambled to stop them.

I used to live in Springfield Missouri. And a few years ago a famous golfer named Payne Stewart was killed in a plane crash. He was from Springfield - so this story had a greater local impact. What happened was that his plane - a small private jet with less than 10 people on board took off from Florida. Shortly after takeoff the plane went off course and failed to respond by radio. Within minutes fighter jets were scrambled and intercepted the plane. They observed frost on the inside of the window indicating a loss of cabin pressure - and that everyone was probably dead. The plane was on autopilot and flew for several hours before running out of fuel and crashing in South Dakota. What I clearly remember was being impressed with how fast that plane was intercepted.

On September 11th there were 4 commercial jets hijacked. All went off course - turned off their transponders - and refused to answer the radio. There was no doubt on the ground that 4 commercial jets we hijacked - yet no intercepter were scrambled - even though these planes were in the air for over an hour. It is standard operating procedure to scramble jets to see wqhat is going on. It doesn't take an order from the President to do this. But someone made an order to stand down and stopped the interceptors. Whoever gave that order is part of a government plot to allow the 9-11 tragedy to occur. I'm not prepared to say we were behind it. But we let it happen. And I have no doubts about that.

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